Celebrating 200 Years

The Bicentennial of the Louisiana Supreme Court


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Celebrating 200 years . The Bicentennial of the Louisiana Supreme Courrt 1813-2013


Louisiana Supreme Court Justices



Pierre Emile Bonford
(c.1820 - 1864)

Associate Justice, Louisiana Supreme Court, 1863-1864

Born in Virginia , c.1820, then his family moved to Alexandria, Louisiana • Partner at the New Orleans law firm Bonford and Finney • Married Virginia L. Thompson, 1847 • On the Board of Administrators of Tulane University • Aide-de-camp in the Confederate Army for General R. Taylor • Staunch advocate of secession at the Louisiana Constitutional Convention of 1861• One of the proprietors of the The New Orleans Delta (Era) newspaper • Died in Alexandria on August 17, 1864 while serving his term as Associate Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court • Louisiana Supreme Court loaned his portrait to Tulane Law School in 1959