Celebrating 200 Years

The Bicentennial of the Louisiana Supreme Court


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Celebrating 200 years . The Bicentennial of the Louisiana Supreme Courrt 1813-2013


Louisiana Supreme Court Justices



John Edward King
(1821 - 1881)

Associate Justice, Louisiana Supreme Court,
January 9, 1877-January 9, 1877

District Judge (Opelousas), 1870

Speaker of the House, Louisiana Legislature, 1855


Born in Louisiana • Member of Louisiana Constitutional Convention, 1852 • On the breaking out of the Civil War, he raised a battalion of troops and entered the Confederate army as Lieutenant Colonel • Served as Collector of the Port of New Orleans • Served only one day on the Louisiana Supreme Court as the Court was turned out of office by Democrats • Died on December 6, 1881 in Opelousas, Louisiana