Celebrating 200 Years

The Bicentennial of the Louisiana Supreme Court


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Celebrating 200 years . The Bicentennial of the Louisiana Supreme Courrt 1813-2013


Louisiana Supreme Court Justices



Judge Pierre Derbigny

Pierre Derbigny (1767 - 1829)

Judge, Louisiana Supreme Court, 1813-1820
Louisiana Secretary of State, 1820-1827
Louisiana Governor, 1828-1829

Born in Laon, France, 1767 • Appointed by Governor Claiborne as the official interpreter of languages for the Territory of Orleans and served as the private secretary to the first Mayor, Etienne de Boré in 1803 • Served as the Clerk of Court of Common Pleas • Member of the first Louisiana House of Representatives in 1812 • Appointed with Livingston and Moreau to revise the Civil Code in 1825 • Died in Gretna, La. in a carriage accident, October 6, 1829 • Portrait painted by George David Coulon