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 The Judiciary Commission of Louisiana



(download PDF version)




(1)        All documents must be filed in the Commission’s office:

            400 Royal Street, Suite 1213, New Orleans, Louisiana. 


All hand-delivered filings must be placed in the wooden in-box labeled “FILINGS” located on the Commission’s Legal Secretary’s desk located immediately upon entering the front entrance for the Commission.  Filings may not be made via fax or email.


(2)        Any filing presented after 4:00 p.m. will be filed on the next succeeding business day.  Other than pursuant to an order to file a pleading by a specific date, to be considered at a Commission meeting, a pleading must be filed with the Commission more than seven days prior to such meeting.


(3)        Pleadings:  Filings must conform to the requirements of La. Sup. Ct. Rule XXIII, Sec. 4(b), directing that an original and nine legible copies of pleadings be presented for filing when the pleading relates to a matter to be decided by the Commission and directing that an original and one legible copy be presented when the pleading relates to a matter to be decided by the hearing officer. 


(a) Pleadings submitted for filing with the Commission will be stamped and issued within 24 hours. 


(b)  Pleadings submitted for filing with the Hearing Officer will be stamped and issued within 24 hours.  When a pleading is submitted for the Hearing Officer, one of the staff of the Commission’s Counsel’s office will try to notify the Hearing Officer Counsel.  The Hearing Officer Counsel will also alert the Commission Counsel and staff by email, when a time sensitive filing is expected to be filed.


(c) Should an emergency or UNUSUAL circumstance arise, please telephone or email Commission Counsel for expedited treatment.  We will do all we can to expedite the filing.


Subpoenas:   The Commission will not issue subpoenas when the signature block appears alone on the last page; the last page of the subpoena should contain a header or a text continuation from the previous page.  The Commission will not issue subpoenas that reveal the identity of the respondent judge.  The Commission will not issue subpoenas for witnesses located outside of the jurisdiction of the Commission. 


Only the ORIGINAL subpoena (no copies) should be submitted for issuance by Commission.  Please allow for a 24 hour turnaround for a subpoena’s issuance.  Issued subpoenas will be returned to the party requesting issuance thereof for service.  Proof of service does not appear in the record unless/until an Affidavit of Service is filed, with a copy of the issued subpoena attached thereto.


(4)        Exhibits: Original exhibits are to be filed at the hearing in folders appropriately marked according to exhibit number.  If the case to be tried contains more than one Formal Charge, each exhibit should be numbered/identified according to which formal charge it relates to.  The updated exhibit list must be placed in the first file folder.  All exhibits must be numbered, and the exhibit list should indicate, where practicable, the number of pages contained in each exhibit.


Please do not staple or paper clip original exhibits.  Please do not submit double-sided exhibits (no data or printed material should be on the back of the exhibits).  Preferably, do not file original newspaper articles or any other documents that are longer than standard legal size (8½ x 11); these documents should be copied onto letter or legal sized paper.  Please make certain the newspaper article is marked with the date of publication and the name of the newspaper.  (Do not file an original and a copy because then two copies of the same document will be included in the filing to the Supreme Court.) 


(5)        Hearing Preparation: While the Commission’s office will accommodate the parties with respect to accepting and holding (overnight) some items needed for the following morning’s hearing, please inquire about the available space to do so approximately one week in advance.  WE HAVE VERY LITTLE SPACE FOR HOLDING CONFIDENTIAL MATERIALS, AND WHAT WE HAVE IS DISAPPEARING FAST.


II.        SERVICE


            Service of subpoenas and notices of hearing may be accomplished by sending the filings via certified mail through the United States Postal Service or via commercial carriers.




            To the extent that the Rules of the Judiciary Commission or Practice Procedures conflict with Louisiana Supreme Court Rule XXIII, Rule XXIII shall be controlling.  Similarly, to the extent that any Commission practice procedure conflicts with the Rules of the Judiciary Commission, the Rules of the Judiciary Commission shall be controlling. 



Approved by the Commission during its meeting December 2, 2016.






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Louisiana Supreme Court, 400 Royal St., New Orleans, LA 70130
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