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 Rules for Louisiana District Courts




1st Judicial Dist. Ct. 12th Judicial Dist. Ct. 23rd Judicial Dist. Ct. 34th Judicial Dist. Ct.
2nd Judicial Dist. Ct . 13th Judicial Dist. Ct. 24th Judicial Dist. Ct. 35th Judicial Dist. Ct .
3rd Judicial Dist. Ct. 14th Judicial Dist. Ct. 25th Judicial Dist. Ct. 36th Judicial Dist. Ct.
4th Judicial Dist. Ct. 15th Judicial Dist. Ct. 26th Judicial Dist. Ct. 37th Judicial Dist. Ct.
5th Judicial Dist. Ct. 16th Judicial Dist. Ct. 27th Judicial Dist. Ct. 38th Judicial Dist. Ct.
6th Judicial Dist. Ct. 17th Judicial Dist. Ct. 28th Judicial Dist. Ct. 39th Judicial Dist. Ct .
7th Judicial Dist. Ct . 18th Judicial Dist. Ct. 29th Judicial Dist. Ct. 40th Judicial Dist. Ct.
8th Judicial Dist. Ct. E.Baton Rouge Family 30th Judicial Dist. Ct. Orleans Civil Dist. Ct.
9th Judicial Dist. Ct. 20th Judicial Dist. Ct. 31st Judicial Dist. Ct. 42nd Judicial Dist. Ct.
10th Judicial Dist. Ct. 21st Judicial Dist. Ct. 32nd Judicial Dist. Ct.  
11th Judicial Dist. Ct. 22nd Judicial Dist. Ct. 33rd Judicial Dist. Ct.  


CHAPTER 22 Jurisdiction of the Court

Rule 22.0 Jurisdiction of the Court

CHAPTER 23 Organization of the Court

Rule 23.0 Divisions of Court
Rule 23.1 Sections of Court

CHAPTER 24 Scheduling Hearing and Trials; Order of Business

Rule 24.0 Scheduling Hearings; Scheduling Trials
Rule 24.1 Order of Business
Rule 24.2 Rule Day
Rule 24.3 Matters Scheduled But Not Heard

CHAPTER 25 Allotment, Reallotment and Transfer of Cases; Form of Pleadings

Rule 25.0 Allotment of Cases
Rule 25.1 Pleadings in Allotted Cases
Rule 25.2 Pleading in Unallotted Cases
Rule 25.3 Court’s Signature
Rule 25.4 Form of the Pleadings
Rule 25.5 Signing Pleadings
Rule 25.6 Re-Allotment of Pleadings
Rule 25.7 Transfer of Cases
Rule 25.8 Allotment of Cases Requiring a Protective Order

CHAPTER 26 Discovery

Rule 26.0 Interrogatories
Rule 26.1 Discovery Motions

CHAPTER 27 Pre-Trial Status Conferences

Rule 27.0 Request
Rule 27.1 Scheduling
Rule 27.2 Pre-Trial Orders

CHAPTER 28 Procedure

Rule 28.0 Agreements and Stipulations
Rule 28.1 Payment of Costs Prior to Voluntary Dismissal
Rule 28.2 Continuances
Rule 28.3 Oral Arguments
Rule 28.4 Extension of Time to Plead
Rule 28.5 Hearing Before Judge to Whom Case Allotted

CHAPTER 29 Fees for Attorneys Appointed to Represent Absentee Defendants

Rule 29.0 Fees for Attorneys Appointed to Represent Absentee Defendants
Rule 29.1 Requirements to Receive Appointments

CHAPTER 30 Enrollment and Withdrawal of Counsel

Rule 30.0 Enrollment and Withdrawal of Counsel

CHAPTER 31 Waiver of Service and Citation

Rule 31.0 Form Required for Waiver of Service and Citation
Rule 31.1 Time When Waiver May be Signed and Filed

CHAPTER 32 Domestic Violence Protective Orders

Rule 32.0 Forms, Notices and Orders Required

CHAPTER 33 Confirmation of Defaults and Uncontested Matters Under Civil Code Art. 103 According to La. Code Civ. Proc. Arts. 969 and 1702E

Rule 33.0 Preliminary Defaults
Rule 33.1 Confirmation of Defaults
Rule 33.2 Judgments of Divorce in Chambers under La. Code Civ. Proc. Art. 1702E
Rule 33.3 Summary Judgment of Divorce in Chambers under La. Code Civ. Proc. Art. 969
Rule 33.4 Forms Required for Waiver of Service and Citation
Rule 33.5 Time When Waiver May be Signed and Filed

CHAPTER 34 Divorces Pursuant to Civil Code Art. 102

Rule 34.0 Rules to Show Cause
Rule 34.1 Required Affidavits
Rule 34.2 Attorney Certifications
Rule 34.3 Dismissal of Divorce

CHAPTER 35 Alimony and Child Support Matters Ancillary to Civil Divorce Proceedings

Rule 35.0 Use of Hearing Officers
Rule 35.1 Notices and Exchange of Information
Rule 35.2 Child Support Worksheet
Rule 35.3 Pre-Trial Conferences
Rule 35.4 Income Assignment Orders
Rule 35.5 Interim Orders
Rule 35.6 Arrearages

CHAPTER 36 Child Support Pursuant to Hearing Officer Proceeding

Rule 36.0 Notice and Exchange of Information
Rule 36.1 Fixing Child Support
Rule 36.2 Appeal
Rule 36.3 Income Assignment Orders
Rule 36.4 AFDC Paternity Suits
Rule 36.5 Criminal Non-Support
Rule 36.6 Arrearages
Rule 36.7 Procedure for Posting/Recording Payments

CHAPTER 37 Partition of Community Property

Rule 37.0 Commencement of Proceedings
Rule 37.1 Sworn Detailed Descriptive List
Rule 37.2 Pre-Trial Procedure
Rule 37.3 Extensions and Continuances
Rule 37.4 Sanctions
Rule 37.5 Summary Proceedings
Rule 37.6 Alternatives for Resolution of Disposition of Assets
Rule 37.7 Form of Judgment

CHAPTER 38 Custody and Visitation Orders

Rule 38.0 Provisional Custody

Rule 38.1 Ex Parte Custody Orders
Rule 38.2 Interim Orders
Rule 38.3 Submission and Implementation of Joint Custody Plans
Rule 38.4 Modification of a Custody or Visitation Order
Rule 38.5 Alternative Procedures (Mediation, Parenting Classes)

CHAPTER 39 Other Rules

Rule 39.0 Other Rules

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