Celebrating 200 Years

The Bicentennial of the Louisiana Supreme Court


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Celebrating 200 years . The Bicentennial of the Louisiana Supreme Courrt 1813-2013


Louisiana Supreme Court Justices



Chief Justice John B. Fournet

John Baptiste Fournet (1895-1984)

Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Louisiana, January 2, 1935, to September 6, 1949

Chief Justice, September 7, 1949, to July 31, 1970

Born July 27, 1895, St. Martinville, Louisiana, descendant of early French settlers • Graduated St. Martinville High School 1913 • Earned degree from Louisiana State Normal College in Natchitoches, taught school, and was principal of Morganza High School by age 21 • Served in World War I • Returned to Louisiana State University, excelling on the football field and as law school class president • Completed LL.B. and admitted to the bar 1920 • Married Rose Dupuis in 1921 and had two children • Elected to Louisiana House of Representatives 1928 • Elected speaker first day in office, holding the post until elected lieutenant governor 1932 • Presided over Louisiana Senate • Was present when close associate Huey Long was fatally shot • Elected associate justice 1935, succeeding Charles O'Niell as chief 1949 • Married Sylvia Fournet 1953 • The only person in Louisiana history to hold top position in all three branches of government (acting governor when governor was out of state) • Holds record for longest tenure on Supreme Court - thirty five years and 211 days • Effected significant reforms in court administration • Established Judicial Council and office of Judicial Administrator • Guided reorganization of appellate court system • Retired July 31, 1970, at age 75 • Moved to Jackson, Mississippi, where he died on June 3, 1984 •