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 Judiciary Budget

Louisiana does not have a unified state court funding system. Operations of district, parish and city courts are primarily funded by local governments. An annual state legislative appropriation funds the operations of the Louisiana Supreme Court and the five courts of appeal, as well as the salaries and benefits for all state court judges. The state also funds a portion of the salaries of parish and city court judges, and the compensation of retired and ad hoc judges.

In FY 2016-17, state appropriated funds totaled $171,331,279. The FY 2016-17 Judiciary Budget can be found in Act 67 of the 2016 Regular Legislative Session, available on the Louisiana State Legislature website at www.legis.la.gov. Also see below. While the bill as introduced provided for a judiciary budget of $186,713,592, according to Section 2 of Act 67, “[t]he appropriations, and the allocations of such appropriations, from the State General Fund (Direct) contained in Section 1 of this Act shall be reduced by a total amount of Twenty-Three Million Fifty-Eight Thousand Two Hundred Forty and No/100 ($23,058,240.00) Dollars, pursuant to a plan adopted by the Judicial Budgetary Control Board or as approved by the Louisiana Supreme Court. Provided, however, that such adopted plan shall not impact the funding for legal representation of children in child protection cases.” Further, Act 14 of the 2016 Second Extraordinary Session appropriated an additional $7,675,927 to the Judiciary Budget for FY 2016-17, bringing the total FY 2016-17 state appropriations to $171,331,279.

In accordance with La. R.S. 24:513, the Louisiana Supreme Court is audited regularly by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor, and the audit report is available on the Legislative Auditor’s website at www.lla.state.la.us.

Judiciary Budget Information:

2016 Judiciary Budget

2016 Judiciary Budget Information

Act 67 of the 2016 Regular Legislative Session

Act 14 of the 2016 Second Extraordinary Session

2016 Louisiana Legislative Auditor Report (Financial Audit Services Management Letter Issued February 24, 2016)

2015 Judiciary Budget

2015 Judiciary Budget Information

Act 66 of the 2015 Regular Legislative Session



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