Section 3. Order of Appeal; Return Date; Extension.

Rule C. Cr. P. 915.1/919.1 (Applicable to La. C. Cr. P. Arts. 915 and 919).

In all criminal appeals to this court:

(a) Order of Appeal. The clerk of the trial court shall furnish notice of the order of appeal to this court on a form to be supplied by the clerk of this court, within seven (7) days of the date of the order of appeal.

(b) Extension of Return Date. Before extending the return date in an appeal, the trial judge shall, as a minimum, ascertain:

(i) The reason for the motion;

(ii) The validity of such reason;

(iii) That there are no steps which may be taken to avoid the extension; and

(iv) That the extension sought is necessary to the proper administration of justice and is for the minimum length of time required.

(c) Order of Extension. An order granting an extension of a return date shall fully and concisely recite all of the foregoing and the clerk of the trial court shall furnish a copy of the order to this court.