Section 1. Definitions. As used in this rule the following words are defined as hereafter indicated.

(a) Qualified. A person who meets all of the requirements of C. Cr. P. Art. 401.

(b) Excluded. A qualified person who is not subject to jury service by reason of prior service as set forth in C. Cr. P. Art. 410 and Supreme Court Rule XXV, Section 2.

(c) Excused. A qualified person as to whom the court determines that jury service would result in undue hardship or extreme inconvenience in accordance with C.C.P. Art. 1767, as amended, or C. Cr. P. Art. 783, as amended.

Section 2. Duties of the Jury Commission.

(a) The Jury Commission shall impartially select a general venire composed of all qualified persons, except:

(i) Those who are classified as excluded.

(ii) Those who are timely excused by the court.

(b) Qualification, as well as those above stated exceptions in paragraph (a)(i) and (ii), may be ascertained by the jury commission on the basis of verified documented information available to it at the time of selection of the general venire.

(c) Unless such verified documented information is available to the jury commission at the time of impartially selecting, revising or supplementing a general venire, all persons random chosen shall, not to exceed the required member, be impartially selected as the general venire.

(d) Alternatively, the jury commission may determine qualification as well as the exceptions set forth in (a) above, on the basis of verified information obtained by means of an appropriate written questionnaire mailed to each person under consideration for impartial selection, revision or supplementation of a general venire.

Section 3. Subsequent Selection, Revision or Supplementation.

(a) Persons who have previously been eliminated from selection for a general venire based on verified information at that time shall not again be automatically eliminated because of that fact.