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 Louisiana Protective Order Registry (LPOR)

 Louisiana Uniform Abuse Prevention Forms


The Louisiana Uniform Abuse Prevention Forms were developed by the Judicial Administrator’s Office and distributed statewide in 1999. This official release version was identified as version 2 (v.2) and included a total of 32 forms.  The current version, version 9 (v9) is the updated release for 2017.  This latest version, which includes 35 forms, incorporates changes in relevant laws that were enacted by the state legislature during the last session.

LPOR 1-23
These forms are the Louisiana Uniform Abuse Prevention Order forms, mandated for use under La. R.S. 46:2136.2(C). Once completed and signed, these orders are to be transmitted to the LPOR by the clerk of the issuing court. This set of 16 forms includes temporary restraining orders, protective orders, preliminary and permanent injunctions, criminal "stay away" orders, and orders to modify, dissolve and dismiss prior orders.


Version 9 Update, released in 2017:

The only order form updated in the new release of Version 9 forms, responsive to legislation passed in 2016, is the criminal order of protection, LPOR 17. (See below for an explanation of the changes that were included in the original Version 9, issued in 2016.)

Forms or software users who do not issue criminal orders can continue to use the existing v9 Forms Express software, and all other previous v9 order forms, except for LPOR 17.

An updated blank LPOR 17 (criminal order of protection) for 2017 can be downloaded here or from the full form set link below. Also new this year, you can use a fillable pdf LPOR 17 form that allows you to fill it out on-screen, print it and save it as a completed form.

Original Version 9, released in 2016:
The v9 form set released in 2016 had a noticeably reduced number of forms, accomplished by combining actions. 2015 legislation required that LPOR include a temporary restraining order and protective order to be used by victims of sexual assault by a stranger or acquaintance, similar to the civil action introduced in 2015 for victims of stalking. The order forms for use in stalking cases, introduced last year (LPOR 2 and LPOR 4) have been discontinued, as stalking and sexual assault were added to LPOR 1 and 3 instead.

Existing order forms LPOR 5 and 7 were amended for use in modifying, dissolving or dismissing stalking or sexual assault orders.
TRO’s and injunctions sought under the Post-Separation Family Violence Relief Act, formerly on an LPOR 11 form, were combined with divorce proceeding TRO’s and injunctions on LPOR 9, and LPOR 11 discontinued. The order to modify or dissolve orders under either of these statutes, or under the Code of Civil Procedure Art. 3601 et seq., was added to LPOR 5 and the use of LPOR 14 for those actions discontinued.

The LPOR 19 form, seldom used, was discontinued. This form was designed to be used when filing under a combination of statutes that included the Post-Separation Family Violence Relief Act. Instead, filers can use LPOR 20 which allows for any combination of statutes to be entered.

The LPOR 21 and 22 criminal order forms were discontinued, as the relief formerly sought on those forms was added to LPOR 17.

These forms are supplied as a courtesy to the courts and are not mandatory for use. These forms are not transmitted to the LPOR, and can be altered locally if desired. Forms in this set include petitions, service information, rules to show cause, motions and instructions for filling out petitions.


Version 9 Update, released in 2017:
There are no changes in the 2017 release of v9 forms in this form set.

See below for explanation of changes that were made for the original release of v9 in 2016.

Original Version 9, released in 2016:
In the v9 form set the petition (LPOR D) for a civil stalking order, was amended to allow for it to be used to file for protection from sexual assault by a stranger or acquaintance as well. The instruction form for filling out the petition for protection from stalking (LPOR Y) now includes instructions for filing for protection from sexual assault. The form LPOR N, introduced in 2015 as a motion for a rule under the stalking statute, was discontinued as stalking and sexual assault circumstances were added to the LPOR M form instead. Form LPOR T, previously a motion to modify or dissolve an order under Post-Separation Family Violence Relief Act, divorce proceedings, or Code of Civil Proc. Art. 3601 et seq actions, was discontinued as these statutes were added to those listed in LPOR P.

The 2017 Quick Reference Guide to Louisiana’s Civil Domestic Abuse, Dating Violence, Stalking and Sexual Assault Laws and LPOR forms and the 2017 Quick Reference Guide to Louisiana’s Domestic Violence Criminal Law and LPOR forms, in table format, are reference documents that link the various La. statutes to the appropriate LPOR form as well as lists the eligibility, venue, relief provided, duration, and consequences for violation for each La. statute that provides protective relief. (PDF)

The 2017 Quick Reference Guide to Firearms Prohibitions – Civil Orders of Protection and the 2017 Quick Reference Guide to Firearms Prohibitions – Criminal Orders of Protection are designed in table format to explain the elements required and the circumstances under which firearms prohibitions may apply to civil or criminal orders of protection under state and federal law.

PDF format: Blank forms in portable document format, read and print only. In order to view and print PDF forms, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader (free copy available at the Adobe web site). The PDF forms can be downloaded from this web site in form sets as described above, or individually (see links below). They can be ordered via mail or email and are available in hard copy or USB flash drive.

A fillable pdf form for the criminal order of protection, LPOR 17, is now available. In fillable format, you can fill out the form on-screen, print it and save it as a completed form.



SELECT individual forms from form set LPOR A-Z

SELECT individual forms from form set LPOR 1-23

LPOR 17 criminal order in fillable PDF format


The Louisiana Protective Order Registry is a project  of the Office of the Judicial Administrator, Supreme Court of Louisiana

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