Press Releases 2023
2023 - 27 Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice John L. Weimer Named Board Member of National Conference of Chief Justices
2023 - 26 Louisiana Judicial Associations Elect 2023 Officers at Fall Conference
2023 - 25 Louisiana Supreme Court Recognized as a National Leader in Reporting of Criminal Data To FBI NICS
2023 - 24 Louisiana Supreme Court and Law Library of Louisiana Observe Hispanic Heritage Month
2023 - 23 71st Annual Red Mass is Observed
2023 - 22 Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice John L. Weimer Hosts Lafourche Parish Students for Constitution Day 2023
2023 - 21 Louisiana Supreme Court Congratulates Local American Judges Association Honorees
2023 - 20 Louisiana Supreme Court Observes Constitution Day 2023
2023 - 19 Retired Louisiana Supreme Court Clerk of Court Frans J. Labranche, Jr. Dies At 89
2023 - 18 Louisiana State Bar Association Recognized with Prestigious Harrison Tweed Award
2023 - 17 The Louisiana Supreme Court Appoints Attorney and Former State Representative Joseph A. Marino III as Judge Pro Tempore of 24th Judicial District Court
2023 - 16 Retired 16th JDC Judge William D. Hunter, Early Leader of Louisiana’s Drug Courts, Passes Away At 85
2023 - 15 Louisiana Supreme Court Justice William J. Crain Named Crimefighters, Inc. Judge of the Year
2023 - 14 Louisiana Supreme Court Lifts Global Stay and Applauds Work of Special Trustee in McClenny, Moseley, And Associates, PLLC Cases
2023 - 13 The Louisiana Supreme Court Congratulates the LSBA for Receiving the Harrison Tweed Award
2023 - 12 Orleans Parish Judges Hosted Area Students to Commemorate Law Day 2023
2023 - 11 Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Weimer Meets Louisiana Boys State Chief Justice Block
2023 - 10 The Louisiana Supreme Court Announces its Unanimous Support for the Louisiana State Bar Association's Transition Into Practice Mentoring Program
2023 - 9 Louisiana Supreme Court Takes Action Regarding Certain Lawsuits Filed by Mcclenny, Moseley and Associates, PLLC
2023 - 8 Louisiana Supreme Court Receives the Louisiana Bar Foundation 2023 Horn Blower Award
2023 - 7 The Louisiana Supreme Court Announces Amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct
2023 - 6 Louisiana Supreme Court Justices Issue Law Day Resolution Urging Judges to Participate in Civics Education in School
2023 - 5 Orleans Civil District Court Judge Bernadette G. D’souza Was the Featured Speaker at the International Society of Family Law Caribbean Regional Conference
2023 - 4 Louisiana Supreme Court Observes Black History Month
2023 - 3 Louisiana Courts Wrap Up Language Access Projects with U.S. Department Of Justice, Following Exemplary Improvements to Services For Litigants
2023 - 2 Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice John L. Weimer Takes the Oath to Serve His Final 10 Year Term
2023 - 1 Appointment of New Members to the Judiciary Commission of Louisiana